You most likely found this website looking up information about if ViralAdPays is a Scam before joining and getting started. I have now been a member since October 03, 2015 19:21:40 and really enjoy the advertising the site provides. The website is A premium quality Advertising Network that shares revenue.

They have practiced online advertising for over 8 years so this is nothing new. The Advertising Network is now made of 42 websites with a membership database of 342k! They have provided 635 million visits to their members and advertisers.

So when it comes to my Viral Ad Pays Scam Review I can tell you they have a proven track record of performance.  Since joining I now have 42 Total Referrals and growing.  I enjoy this website all though very new I see it lasting for a long time and being very stable.  It is easy to get started and get your advertising setup to promote you primary business.  With the revenue share paid hourly it is a real no brainer for people trying to promote their own business and build a second income stream.


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